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    1. All entries and 50% of invoiced fee’s must be received by January 6th, 2024. Remaining fees are due 30 days before first day of event attending. 2. Early bird entries and 50% of invoiced fee’s must be received by November 15th, 2023. Remaining fee’s are due by January 1st, 2024. If fee’s are not paid by deadline, regular pricing will be applied. 3. Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis. 4. Categories must meet the minimum amount of entries to qualify for cash awards. 5. Euphoria Dance Competition Inc. has the right to combine any categories depending on entry numbers. 6. Euphoria Dance Competition Inc. reserves the right to cancel or add days to our tour if deemed necessary. 7. Euphoria Dance Competition Inc. reserves the right to limit, reject, correct, cancel or refuse registrations, and to terminate or change the dates, format and/or location of event(s), in its discretion, including, without limitation, if the Company believes that there is an insufficient number of registrants for the event(s). 8. Euphoria Dance Competition media fee is mandatory for all attending participants.
    1. FAMILY FRIENDLY VIEWING: Euphoria Dance Competition Inc. is a family friendly event. Routines and music must be age appropriate. Infractions of this rule may result in deduction of score or disqualification at the discretion of the judging panel. 2. Teachers are not permitted to perform with students. This includes coaching from the wings or the audience. 3. Judges reserve the right to change the competing dancers category and/or division. All judging decisions are final. 4. Any changes to entries within 2 weeks of the event date will result in a fee of $10 per entry.
    1. Upon arrival at EDC, please ensure to pick up your studio owner/teacher bag at the Euphoria Dance Competition merch table. 2. All music must be uploaded to your DanceBug account two weeks prior to event start date. 3. Dancers must always be ready to perform thirty minutes prior to their scheduled time. 4. All entries are to report backstage to the EDC Stage Manager three numbers before the scheduled number. 5. All entries will perform in the order they are scheduled. If for any reason a routine must perform out of order, it must be approved by a EDC director and it must be performed before the end of its session. If dancer has to dance outside of their session, it is for adjudication only and will not qualify for overall awards. 6. Please notify the stage manager of any holds needed. 7. Routines needing to re-dance may only re-dance if 50% or less of the dance is performed and based off of judge’s discretion. 8. Any entry in any class and category, displaying suggestive and/or inappropriate content will be disqualified. Euphoria Dance Competition will strive to keep its competition family friendly. 9. Except for rosin, the use of baby powder, paint, and any other substances that could leave marks or debris on the stage is prohibited for safety reasons. If any such substances are found on the stage, a fee will be charged to the studio. 10. Please be advised that studios will be held responsible for any damages to theatre change rooms. Any personal belongings, costumes or dance apparel left behind at the competition will not be the responsibility of Euphoria Dance Competition Inc. 11. Judges scores will be uploaded to DanceBug account upon the completion of competition. 12. All judging critiques will be provided in video format by VideoJudge.. 13. PROPS: All entries with the use of props must be declared to Euphoria Dance Competition prior to the schedule being finalized. Props for entries may only be placed backstage during the adjudication prior to the upcoming scheduled dance session.
    Solo 1 dancer 3:00 Duo/Trio 2-3 dancers 3:00 Small Group 4-9 dancers 4:00 Large Group 10-19 dancers 4:00 Line 20+ dancers 5:00 Production Unlimited dancers 10:00
    Petite 4-6 yrs Mini 7-9yrs Junior 10-12yrs Teen 13-15yrs Senior 16-18yrs Adult 19+yrs *Age determined as of December 31st, 2022. Age is calculated by average age of group.*
    Performance Division: this division is geared towards dancers who have limited competition experience (0-2 years). A dancer in this division should have under 6 hours of training per week. Competitive Division: this division is for dancers with 2+ years of comeptitive experience and up to 6 hours of training per week Advanced Division: this division is for dancers with more than 6 hours of training per week. Typically with a few years of competitive experience. Elite Division: this division is for dancers who train upwards of 10+ hours a week (or involved with a half day program). Minimum of 6+ years of competitive experience. Must be 12 years of age and older. **Dancers who achieve a higher level division at some point in their training are not permitted to move down into a lower division. ** Judges reserve the right to change the performance division of a number if they feel it was incorrectly entered.
    Acro consists of gymnastics and/or acrobatic work, in addition to dance choreography. Routine should be mostly acrobatic work. Ballet (Classical) is choreographed utilizing classical or contemporary ballet technique(s). Dancer(s) must wear demi-pointe ballet shoes. Ballet (Demi-Character) Ballet style, demi-pointe ballet shoes are required. Portraying a recognizable character through choreography, costume and story telling. Ballet (Variation) Must be traditional choreography from a known Classical Ballet. Ballet (Pointe) utilizes classical or contemporary pointe technique and movement. Dancer(s) must wear pointe shoes. Must be 12 years or older. Contemporary is choreographed using contemporary technique and movement. Routine can combine lyrical, ballet and modern reaching beyond the standard jazz vocabulary Hip-Hop is composed of street and/or jazz funk techniques and movement. Break dancing, street funk and pop & lock are also included in this category. The music must not contain inappropriate music. Jazz is choreographed utilizing jazz technique and movement. Lyrical demonstrates a mix of ballet and jazz techniques, incorporating emotional and storytelling elements that maintain the theme of the musical selection. Modern utilizes interpretive movement and contemporary/modern technique. Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. Lip synching is permitted, but not required. For live vocals, please enter the Song & Dance category. Open contains any combination of genres or does not fall under any other genre recognized or represented. Song & Dance incorporates live singing with dance, and is choreographed to music from Broadway or cinematic musicals. Pre-recorded vocals are not permitted. Tap is a dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels. No tap sounds are permitted in the music, and dancers must wear tap shoes. Student Choreography is when a student choreographs a dance for themselves, or sets choreography onto another group of student dancers. This category is to encourage the next generation of choreographers and is not open to those who have received compensation for their choreography. Production consists of any dance style and has no age division. Entry must portray a theme or story line throughout the performance. **NOTE** A maximum of 3 acrobatic/gymnastic tricks are permitted in entries competing outside of the Acro, Hip-Hop, Open and Production categories
    Dangerous props are not permitted. These include, but are not limited to: pyrotechnics, fire, water, swords and knives. Any routine that includes any type of prop which has the capability of causing injury to anyone, or destruction of property, is strictly prohibited. In addition, the following props are also prohibited: confetti/glitter, hanging scenery/backdrops, special lighting requiring electrical power, fog machines, bubble machines, live animals, fluids and non- weighted helium balloons. Prop Staff and Props displaying a studio logo may result in a 5 point deduction. Please ensure that no debris is left on stage after your performance is done. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. You are allowed 30 seconds each, for set up and break down of a prop. If there are circumstances that will require additional time for complex props, prior authorization is required and must be noted on your registration, as well as emailed to If the stage or Marley (if applicable) is damaged as a result of misuse, the studio will be liable for damages.
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